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The Freelance Isn't Free law passed unanimously in NYC – now it's time to take it across the nation.  

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Here’s what the Freelance Isn't Free law means for New York City freelancers:

  • Anyone who hires a freelancer for work over $800 must have a contract outlining the scope of work, rate, method of payment, and the payment due date
  • The burden of having a contract falls on the clients – not the freelancer
  • Clients cannot require that freelancers accept less than the contract stipulates in exchange for timely payment (ie: “We can pay you faster, but only if you accept less.”)
  • Payment must be received no later than 30 days after the paid-on date

Remedies for a deadbeat client under the Freelance Isn't Free law:

  • Freelancers will be able to make a complaint of the Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Freelancers may file a court action and litigate against the deadbeat client
  • If the judge rule in the freelancer’s favor, judges may hold the client responsible for the freelancer’s attorney fees
  • If the judge rules in the freelancer’s favor, clients can face fines up to double the amount owed
  • Clients who knowingly and willingly engage in the unlawful payment practices set out in the bill will be subject to a criminal misdemeanor charge.

Finally, the legislation will include an anti-retaliation clause to prevent clients from retributive action. 

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